Yearly Budget Planner

Yearly Budget Planner

Personal Info, Income, Retirement, and Budget Expenses
Modify plan by year
Graphs of Income vs expense, budget excess and budget histogram
Table of Budget Excess/shortage
Table of Income versus Expenses
Table of fixed expenses
Table of Inflated Expenses

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About Yearly Budget Planner

Most budget tools just plan for the current month or year. The Yearly Budget Planner plans for a lifetime. It includes net income and retirement income and allows you select the estimated yearly growth rate of each. You can select/enter any fixed expenses and enter an end date to those fixed expenses if desired. The budgeting portion allow you to select/enter our own budget categories and either use the default inflation rate or enter an inflation rate for each category independently. Nice graphs that show income and expenses, budget excesses as well as a histogram of expenses for any year you choose. The table shows a summary of income vs expenses, Income, fixed expenses, and inflationary expenses throughout your lifetime. A very handy projection tool not seen in most simple budgeting tools.

Key features

  • Entry of your current income and expenses
  • Customizable budget categories
  • Projection of income and expenses through your lifetime
  • Graphical displays
  • Tabular display