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About Business Contacts

With so many different accounts in today’s business world it’s often difficult to keep all of your contacts’ information in one place. Business Contacts for Windows 8 simplifies the way you search and communicate with contacts on your tablet. Look up phone numbers and e-mail addresses easily with the Business Contacts application. Merge contacts between Microsoft Exchange, Gmail, SalesForce and Microsoft Dynamics CRM profiles into a single vCard.

Key features

  • Microsoft Exchange, Google Mail, SalesForce and Microsoft Dynamics CRM accounts support
  • Merging of contact details from different sources
  • Caching searched contacts for offline use and faster search
  • Send email, call or chat via Skype directly from the App
  • Pin favorite contacts to Start Screen
  • Edit contact details and add your own contacts
  • Lookup latest contact conversation history from Microsoft Exchange
  • Share contact details either via vCard, QR code or email
  • Integrate with other applications via import/export contacts features
  • Import contacts from VCard
  • Take a Demo tour with features quick overview