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About Cache Admin

Cache is a simple tech platform that uses mobile devices and computers that are found in your hotel to connect your hotel staff to the guests with minimal capital expenditure. It is the first plaBorm designed to facilitate room service in a hygienic and efficient way the industry requires now.

You can install Cache Room Service administrator applicaton on any mobile, tablet and windows computer devices and start building your menu and distribute QR codes in room and places where you would like to start taking orders from your hotel rooms, gym, spa and swimming pool areas.

Key features

  • Update and manage your digital menu.
  • Accept room service orders from your hotel guests.
  • Accept digital payments from international and local banks.
  • Detailed Daily, Monthly, Yearly sales report you can easily access from your mobile or desktop.
  • Collect feedback and comments form your guests to improve service and improve customer satisfaction.
  • Collect your guests info and send them notifications or offers to improve your clients relation.
  • Hide or show your menu items easily for seasonal items to avoid confusion... and so much more