Main CacheAll page on desktop
Main CacheAll page on mobile
Main page showing tools when multiple items selected
Main page showing tools when multiple items selected
Tour page giving a slide show of the images and texts while listening to the audios and mapping the locations of this CacheAll.
Tour page with map turned off
Navigation page showing compass that points the way to the currently selected cache.  This works on mobile platforms even when they have no service (off the grid).
Edit page where any asset (image, audio, coordinates, text) can be changed.
Second main page that can be used to document an independent activity or allow flexibility in reorganizing the first page.
File menu showing other features.

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About CacheAll

CacheAll is a versatile tool for capturing memories of your travels, adventures, geocaching, and other fun activities. When you use CacheAll to take photos instead of the normal camera app you end up not only with the photos, but also associated audio snippets, GPS coordinates, and descriptive texts. Within the CacheAll app you can take a tour of your photos while listening to the audio and observing the locations on a map. There is a navigation feature that uses a compass to direct you to any particular photo, which is great when you are exploring a new city or hiking in the wilderness. You CacheAll albums are saved as zip files that can easily be shared with other CacheAll users. In addition, the zip file can be loaded into the desktop version of CacheAll and converted to mp4 video for easy upload to YouTube.

Key features

  • CacheAll runs on Windows, Mac, Android, and iPhone.
  • It captures photos, audio, and gps during your adventures that are organized in an albums called a CacheAlls.
  • A CacheAll is stored as a zip file that can be shared and converted to video using the desktop version of the app.