Cactus Town Vista

Cactus Town Vista

We have a picture and the words – Then there is Cactus Town.
A picture. The words. Cactus Town?

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About Cactus Town Vista

This App – A quick summary of data submitted by a group of US economic advisors to the president.
Boring? Maybe – Maybe not! The data selected; thirty-four pictures from chapter one. All of the pictures selected are graphs that support an observation they submitted and because they used the graphs it is assumed the observation must be important. The words are provided that picture is attached to. Don’t worry – Only one to three sentences are provided. Also: some observations from the citizens of Cactus Town. Oh oh!

Key features

  • Supposed important high level observation by economic advisors.
  • The words attached to the picture by the advisors.
  • For comparison similar views associated with Cactus Town’s economic construct.
  • Correlation judgement are yours.