Calc My Share

Calc My Share

The home page showing three events along with a summary.
We can see two people involved and a list of purchases.  Jill is behind and owes $43.05.
Here we see an example of the App menus showing many options including all the various sort options.
Here we are looking at the detail of a person showing a list of their purchases.
Editing a purchases.

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About Calc My Share

Calc My Share is much more than a Bill Splitter!

A Bill Splitter usually handles a single transaction or purchase where as Calc My Share can handle any number of transactions or purchases.

It has been specifically designed to handle the splitting of many purchases over a weekend away with friends for example.
You create an event to group the purchases. An event can be a weekend away for example. You enter as many people that are to participate in sharing the cost of the event.
You then simply enter the purchase made by each person against them.

Here is the power of Calc My Share as it will keep track of the total cost, divide that cost by the number of people and display that amount taking into account how much each person has spent.

At a quick glance this will tell you who is ahead or behind in paying their equal share.
Using this feature you can quickly see who is behind and should pay for the next purchase.

Using this application and style means to share the costs you’re no longer constantly using cash and splitting on every transaction. Because you make the full purchase you can choose your preferred payment method (cash, card, credit). At the end of the event you hopefully have a very small difference in who owes money and a single and simple cash payment can be made to balance out the event among all the participants.

I hope you find it as useful as I have.

Key features

  • create as many events as needed
  • add an unlimited number of people and purchases
  • automatically tracks all costs
  • unlimited records
  • backed by a relational database