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Innovative navigation to each section of the Calenam CT calculator
Visualize your overtime payments graphically, by months, by hours and by days.
Keep track of your Saturday and Sunday bonuses.
Calculate the payment of your seniority bonuses.
If you need to modify a record, it is very easy, just enter the list of records in each section and click on the record or tap if you use a tablet.
Calculate that your retroactive payment is correct and, incidentally, update your base salary with a single click.
Do you want them to pay you your bonus for economic permits? use this tool to achieve your goal or keep track of the ones you use per year or per month.
Visualize the payment of your Saturday and Sunday premiums graphically, with this tool it is very possible, only for premium users.
It has never been so easy to calculate the punctuality and attendance incentive, totally free!

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About Calenam CT

If you work for the Ministry of Communications and Transportation or the Navigation Services in the Mexican Air Space, Calenam CT, can help you calculate your work benefits in these institutions.

The Calculator for Air Navigation Employees in Mexico and Communications and Transportation Workers will help you accurately calculate the payment of all benefits that workers enjoy.

It is totally free for one month for new users in the calculation of benefits such as:

  • Extraordinary days.
  • Saturday and Sunday premiums.
  • Trade-in search engine.
  • Payroll Calculator.
  • Retroactive in extraordinary days and Saturday and Sunday bonuses.
  • Vacation Premium.
  • Economic Permits.
  • Punctuality and Attendance Incentive.
  • Seniority Bonus.
  • Bonus.
  • Retroactive Salary.
  • Registration of Licenses and Medical Exams (for those who apply).

For those users with subscription they have access to all the sections.

Each section contains help for the use of the calculator, as well as information on the articles that support each of the benefits endorsed by the General Conditions of Workers of the Ministry of Communications and Transportation and the Exclusive Conditions of Air Traffic Controllers.

If the written help is not enough, check the video tutorials on YouTube, find the shortcuts in each of the sections.

This tool is paid for monthly subscription to have access to the premium sections, it will strengthen your labor defense and costs less than any union dues.

Key features

  • Registration and calculation of overtime pay
  • Registration and calculation of payment of Saturday and Sunday premiums
  • Vacation premium calculation
  • Christmas bonus calculation
  • Register of irregularities
  • Registration and calculation of payment of punctuality and attendance incentives
  • Registration and calculation of seniority bonus payment
  • License registration
  • Record of medical exams
  • Registration and calculation of salary retroactive payments
  • Registration and calculation of the economic permit bonus