Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Called to Serve
Called to Serve
Called to Serve
Called to Serve
Called to Serve
Called to Serve
Called to Serve
Called to Serve
Called to Serve

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About Called to Serve

Called to Serve™ is the perfect app for LDS missionaries and their families!

This powerful new app gives the families and friends of LDS missionaries an impressive set of tools to:
(1) Share their missionary experience with others,
(2) Follow their missionary service,
(3) Send messages to any missionary on the go.

I. Share Your Mission Experience
Called to Serve is easy to setup and fun to use. Just create an account then add your missionary’s name, picture, departure date, return date, and select their mission. These simple steps create a missionary profile that you can then share with others. You control everything including who can see what. Keep everything private or share it with your family and friends.

II. Follow Your Missionary Service
Called to Serve is the ultimate LDS missionary tracker! This powerful app gives the friends and families of LDS missionaries – quick and easy access their missionary’s profile, picture, departure date, return date, location details and mission information. Track as many missionaries as you like. See how long they’ve been gone and how much time they have left including their departure date, return date, days served, days remaining and percent complete. Everything including the current time, temperature, weather and weather forecast information.

III. Send Messages to Missionaries on the Go
Called to Serve is also the fastest and easiest way to send messages to any missionary! Whether You’re at home, at work, or on the go – users can send emails, photographs, even audio recordings directly from the app to any missionary. Use voice-to-text to dictate an email then tap send. Take a picture then then tap send. Record a message then tap send. You messages are sent immediately and a copy is also sent back to you.

Called to Serve is designed to honor LDS missionaries and missionary service. It was specifically designed and meticulously crafted to match the “FamilySearch Tree” mobile app’s user interface; thus creating a powerful family heirloom that is visually attractive, easy to use, and already familiar to a vast number of people.

Called to Serve’s features include:

  • Track an unlimited number of missionaries
  • Count up/down until missionary leaves/returns home
  • Map each location your missionary serves
  • Send emails, pictures or audio recordings directly to missionaries from the app
  • View local time, day/night and missionary schedule
  • View local weather conditions and forecast information
  • View mission information, including the Mission President, mission pictures and more

Called to Serve will provide you and your family the rich missionary experience. It is the perfect app for missionary moms, friends, families, bishops, youth leaders to organize and track their LDS missionaries serving anywhere in the world.

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Key features

  • Called to Serve is the ultimate tool for saving and sharing important mission details and information, tracking missionary service, and communicating with LDS missionaries on the go.