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Canny Vectors
Canny Vectors
Canny Vectors
Canny Vectors
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About Canny Vectors

Canny Vectors is a collection of easy-to-use functions, each of which lets you create Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) designs that you can use and manipulate in other applications. You can create various types of design – e.g. grids, fields, panes, centrics and tracks – with a good amount of control over how they are created.

Canny Vectors will always be free with no ads, no trial period and it doesn’t need any weird permissions from your system. It’s also small enough that you can keep it running in the background so it’s ready when you need it.
Why not try it and see what you can create?

Key features

  • Create various types of design using many in-built shapes.
  • Each function gives you lots of control over what you are creating.
  • Use procedural colour schemes to give your designs a boost.
  • Define drawing order with Routes.
  • Five units of measure are supported throughout.
  • A user guide is included containing lots of information, examples and tips.