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About Cantoo Scribe

Cantoo Scribe allows all primary, middle and high school students to take notes and manage their lessons using a range of applications designed specifically for school. With its intuitive interface and its range of tools for all subjects, digital education becomes easy for everyone.

Digital education to boost academic fulfillment!

Cantoo Scribe keeps only the essentials in its interface. On one single screen, a notebook for taking notes and a list of useful dedicated applications can be combined to realize every kind of exercise. Thanks to this side-by-side display mode, the student focuses on a single platform and no longer needs to switch between several windows.

The software retains the advantages of the paper notebook and adds to it via a single interface all the application tools for noting, practicing and organizing:

  • Smart text editor
  • Reading and writing applications
  • Math tools
  • Biology, physics and chemistry tools
  • Ebook and PDF reader and editor
  • Insertion and annotation of files and images
  • Creation of diagrams, tables and mind maps
  • Agenda and timetable

The software helps teachers in their pedagogy and improves organization, learning and efficiency. Students can practice, correct and start over at their own pace, following the teacher’s instructions and method, through their advice and corrections. Digital education brings ideas to life, helps students to become fully autonomous, brilliant and running for academic success.

The inclusive digital education: DYS tools to the rescue of everyone.

Cantoo Scribe is fully committed to inclusive education! The software brings together all the compensation tools to meet the specific needs of DYS students: dyslexia, dysgraphia, dysorthography, dyscalculia, dyspraxia, dysphasia and concentration disorders. Designed with recognized occupational therapists, each tool is tailor-made to relieve the daily life of the students, without cheating.

Each DYS student can now follow the same school path as all the other students by simply activating the additional tools that will allow them to compensate for their difficulties:

  • “DYS Friendly” text layout in note-taking, PDF and Ebook files
  • Spell checker and word prediction
  • Multilingual dictation, reading and voice notes
  • Insert Word and PDF files anywhere in the course
  • Automatic classification of notebooks and chapters

Cantoo is committed to inclusive digital education: with or without DYS disorder, each student has the same chances of succeeding.

A smart school assistant for every discipline.

Throughout the school life, students evolve, and they can benefit from the tools designed for each level. From elementary to high school, Cantoo Scribe adapts to meet the new needs of each student and the new subjects taught. In their daily life throughout the year, the student can switch from one subject to another with a single click, while ensuring that the notebook will reopen just the way it was before closing.

Everywhere, all the time!

The students can enjoy automatic backup and synchronization of their notebooks to carry on on any other device. In class, at home for homeworks, remotely, in tutoring, Cantoo Scribe accompanies the student in every school situations.

The software is compatible:

  • on computer, chromebook or tablet
  • on Windows, Linux or Mac
  • in installed or web version

It can therefore be used with or without an Internet connection, on any kind of device.

Key features

  • Smart text editor
  • Agenda and timetable
  • Math tools (15 days free trial)
  • Biology, physics and chemistry tools (15 days free trial)
  • Ebook and PDF reader and editor (15 days free trial)
  • Insertion and annotation of files and images (15 days free trial)
  • Creation of diagrams, tables and mind maps (15 days free trial)
  • Reading and writing applications (15 days free trial)