CarStatistics Universal

CarStatistics Universal

Manage all of your cars with CarStatistics.
View your images in a gallery (for cars, costs, logbook entries...).
View predefined or saved statistics in a car's overview.
Query your costs to find out (for example) when you have carried out which repair.
Add logbook entries to your cars.
View the statistics you have configured and compare multiple cars.
Configure and save your statistics to fit all your needs.

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About CarStatistics Universal

Manage everything about your cars and calculate statistics that are represented graphically. (CarStatistics supports Windows Desktop, Windows mobile and Continuum)

To do this you can create cars, cost categories and assign costs to a car.
In the overview of your car, you will see an apportionment of costs on the various categories within the last two years. It is also possible to display saved statistics here. Furthermore, you can browse your costs so that, for example, you can find out when you have carried out which repair.

You can calculate statistics for each of your cars. This including costs/amount, cost/distance, amount/distance and a cost distribution. Therefore fuel consumption and fuel price developments (and much more) can be calculated. You can decide whether your statistics show an average over certain periods of time (such as years, months, weeks, etc.). It is also possible to calculate statistics on several cost categories.

The app offers opportunities to export, import, as well as to link to OneDrive. Therefore your data can be transferred whenever you change your mobile phone.

It is also possible to enter logbook entries and addresses. The addresses can be used to open your default navigation app and navigate to them.

Why does CarStatistics need your position?
In CarStatistics, you can create addresses with GPS-information. In order that you do not need to enter the GPS-information manually, you can use your built-in GPS.
GPS is not used in any other way.

This app does not contain any advertising or in-app purchases.

Key features

  • Enter all costs of your cars and let CarStatistics evaluate them in a chart.
  • Connect CarStatistics to OneDrive for always having a backup of your data.
  • View evaluations and more on a live-tile.