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About CheatSheets & FlashCards

The CheatSheets & Tutorials Desktop application allows you to create or download files that contain CheatSheets, FlashCards, and tutorials based on a particular subject. These can be used for teaching, learning, or reference, for work, school, hobbies, or general reference. View them on your computer or create and print PDF copies.

There is a portal tab where existing files can be downloaded and imported into the app. These currently consist of computer programming related files covering HTML web pages, the JavaScript programming language, databases, Unix/Linux and more.

All files are completely searchable and editable.

Key features

  • Create your own CheatSheet, FlashCards, and Tutorials files.
  • Download existing computer programming-related files.
  • All files are fully searchable and editable.
  • Merge two files together.
  • View files on the computer or save as PDF files and print them.
  • Add Tutorials and FlashCards to a CheatSheet.
  • Use CheatSheets for reference.
  • Use Tutorials for learning and explaining.
  • Use FlashCards for memorizing. Checkoff memorized cards. Flashcards include optional hints.