Chord Zone

Chord Zone

This shows an F minor add 9 chord, voice 2, on the right hand fretboard with the enharmonic set to flats.
Here we have a F minor 7 add 4 chord, voice 2, shown in "Show All Notes mode with the suggested fingering selected.
With the enharmonic switched to sharps, this is a D# minor 13 chord displayed on the left handed fretboard with "Show All Notes" and fingering.
This screenshot shows one of the scrollable dropdown menus used to select the chord type. There are 48 unique chord types offered, and many of them are found under multiple categories.

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About Chord Zone

Chord Zone is an interactive chord library application for the six string guitar in standard tuning. Provided are 5 featured voicings in each of 48 chord types for all 12 tonic notes. This gives the user a total of 2,880 guitar chords. The user selects a tonic note, picks the chord type from 10 chord categories using dropdown menus, and chooses from 5 voices. The selected chord is presented on a fretboard graphic with the notes shown, and the chord spelling displayed above the fretboard. Sharps and flats can be switched using the enharmonic button, and the fretboard can be flipped between right and left handed versions. There is a “Show All Notes” button that highlights all the notes from the chord spelling on the fretboard. This is very useful for changing chord voicings, and for finding alternate ways to play a chord. Notes shown in green are considered optional, and may not always be included. There is also a fingering button that shows a suggested fingering for the chosen chord on the fretboard.

Key features

  • 2,880 guitar chord voicings.
  • 48 chord types selected from 10 categories using dropdown menus.
  • Enharmonic selection button.
  • Right and left handed fretboard graphics.
  • Chord name and spelling displayed above the fretboard.
  • Show all notes function.
  • Five featured voicings in each chord type for each of the 12 tonic notes.
  • Suggested fingering function.