Multiple timers and recommended actions in one screen
Prompts and recommended actions based on prior actions.
Complete demographic information can be captured.
Summary of the code can be seen on one screen.

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About CodeBlue

Explore the difference between your current code documentation and what CodeBlue can do for you! CodeBlue allows for accurate and fast documentation of events that take place during cardiopulmonary (CPR) resuscitation. It also provides multiple accurate timers and has the latest algorithms built in to help prompt what action should be considered next.

We are releasing this version as a means to allow people to experience the Code Timer functionality as well as a preview of the rest of code documentation. It is a limited free edition that includes the core functionality as well as premium modules.

Best Practices
You should use devices that have strong security measures implemented in order to protect any sensitive information. This includes using strong passwords, remote wipe capabilities and encrypting your drive in case the device is lost or stolen. This can be used with Microsoft Bitlocker which is included with Windows.

CodeBlue is intended to be used as a timer and assist in documentation for resuscitations. It is not intended to replace the clinical judgment of physicians or medical personnel. It is developed in accordance with the internationally accepted guidelines established by ILCOR and published by the American Heart Association (2010 Consensus Conference on Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation and Emergency Cardiovascular Care Science) Circulation. 2010:122[suppl 3]: S640-S933.

Key features

  • CPR/Code Documentation
  • CPR/Code Timer
  • Latest CPR Guidelines