Coding Grid Lite

Coding Grid Lite

Coding Grid Lite
Coding Grid Lite
Coding Grid Lite
Coding Grid Lite
Coding Grid Lite
Coding Grid Lite
Coding Grid Lite
Coding Grid Lite

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About Coding Grid Lite

Learn to Code.

Coding Grid is an educational app that will teach you how to code.

Coding Grid Lite is a free version of Coding Grid. It allows you to try Coding Grid by taking a few basic courses. You can also run some examples that present more advanced programming concepts. If you like this app, please buy a full version, to support efforts of the authors.

The best way to learn how to code is to practice a lot and apply the computer science concepts to real problems.

You will program in a visual language called VisualL. VisualL is a cross between block oriented visual languages (like Scratch) and traditional, text based languages. It shares similarities with programming languages like Java, JavaScript, Kotlin, Dart and C.

All what you learn here will be beneficial when you are ready to switch to any of the most popular programing languages - in school, preparing to a coding job interview on the move or just for fun.

You write a program by dragging statements from the statement palette.

The learning is self-paced. You can jump to any topic you want. However for beginners we recommend learning in the order suggested by the app.

Requirements: Reading and writing in English, basic math.
You don’t need to have any prior knowledge of coding.

Age: 10+.

Key features

  • Learn how to code.
  • Write your own programs by drag & drop.
  • VisualL - a simplified programming language.
  • See the examples and practice.
  • See the output of your program on a colorful Grid.