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About Compass Bridge

Compass Bridge is a multi-platform (web) app that allows a user to fully manage calls and call flows, and see the availability of users in your company. It is built with the user in mind, so your operators can focus on the tasks at hand without the distraction induced by other contact centre software solutions.

By putting the user experience of telephone operators first, we’ve been able to made Bridge beautifully intuitive, so that every operator can start to use it efficiently with no training required. Your agents or receptionists will be on their way in the shortest possible time.

Contact centre agents and receptionists are all phone operators, but they handle calls in different ways. Compass Bridge is adjustable depending on the best fit for the workflow. One app fits all!

For agents there’s a view that has your organisation’s call queues as the main focus, with the ability to see details for every queue such as the queue caller. You can easily answer a call from any of the callers waiting in line if needed with our cherry picking premium feature.

For receptionists, Bridge offers a view which puts the users in your company and their availability first. Seeing if someone is available is a breeze and calls can be handled accordingly. A complete view of all the users in your company is available in a separate window so agents and receptionists can have it on a second monitor for quick reference.

Key features

  • call management
  • call flow management
  • attended and unattended transfers
  • cherry-picking
  • contacts
  • presence
  • queue management