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Convirse Pro.
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About Convirse Pro.

CONViRSE Pro is a secure communication App built on top of the most modern technology available. With strong encryption and integration, it protects governments and corporations communications, end-to-end, with a rich feature set: chat, messaging, document collaboration, voice, and video calls, all safe.

CONViRSE Pro deploys password less authentication, turning the user device into a unique and secure authentication factor. It eliminates the most wanted hackers target: the password.

CONViRSE Pro, besides its complete feature set, has a flexible business model; it is available as White Label, in Public Cloud, or on customer premises, as Private Cloud, for sovereignty and eventual regulation compliance.

New Features:

• The easiest way to send a voice message: tap, hold, and talk. When finished, choose to send, or delete it.
• Citations: refer to a message and make your conversation clear.
• Securely share content between Sikur Messenger and other Apps.
• Did you send something by mistake? Now you have 30 seconds to erase it.
• Set an image to chat groups.
• Clickable URLs.
• Forward or delete more than one chat message at once.
• Notice when receiving a forwarded chat.

• Audio Conferencing: want it safe? Now you have, from CONViRSE.
• Automatically reconnect when using an unstable connection or due to a network change.

• API improvements: it is under the hood, performance, and stability.
• Messages and attachments separated: read it and decide when to download files.
• Encrypt the same message for multiple recipients, faster.

• Files and folders preview.
• Identify files, by extension.
• Smart upload: finishes it when in the background. If the App is forcibly closed, it resumes the upload upon reopening
• Securely upload files to CONViRSE Cloud

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