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About Cookie Land

Welcome to the land of Cookie, a small land in the huge land called TheCookingMAP that we are perfecting each day.

In TheCookingMAP, each land is regarded as an individual passion, which brings explorers with the deepest and most interesting experience of their favorite dishes. You are now in Cookie Land, the exclusive land for those who love cookie recipes. It certainly astonishes the cookie fans when they visit this place because the best cookie recipes are compiled here.
This land helps you explore numerous places:

• Anise Cookies Recipes
• Bar Cookies Recipes
• Biscotti Recipes
• Brown Sugar Cookies Recipes
• Brownies Recipes
• Butter Cookies Recipes
• Cake Mix Cookies Recipes
• Chocolate Chip Cookies Recipes
• Chocolate Cookies Recipes
• Cut Out Cookies Recipes
• Diabetic Cookies Recipes
• Drop Cookies Recipes
• Easy Cookie Recipes Recipes
• Filled Cookies Recipes
• Fruit Cookies Recipes
• Gingerbread Cookies Recipes
• Gingersnaps Recipes
• Gluten Free Cookies Recipes
• Holiday Cookie Recipes
• International Cookies Recipes
• Linzer Cookies Recipes
• Macaroons Recipes
• Meringue Cookies Recipes
• Molasses Cookies Recipes
• Monster Cookie Recipes
• No Bake Cookies Recipes
• Nut Cookies Recipes
• Nutella Cookie Recipes
• Oatmeal Cookies Recipes
• Peanut Butter Cookies Recipes
• Peppermint Cookies Recipes
• Pinwheel Cookies Recipes
• Pumpkin Cookies Recipes
• Refrigerator Cookies Recipes
• Reindeer Cookies Recipes
• Sandwich Cookies Recipes
• Shortbread Cookie Recipes
• Slice Bake Recipes
• Snickerdoodles Recipes
• Snowball Cookies Recipes
• Snowman Cookies Recipes
• Spice Cookies Recipes
• Spritz Cookies Recipes
• Sugar Cookies Recipes
• Thumbprint Cookies Recipes
• Valentines Cookies Recipes
• Whoopie Pies Recipes
• Zucchini Cookies Recipes

And delicious food you can do yourself:

• The Best Rolled Sugar Cookies
• Mango Bars
• Congo Bars I
• Best Chocolate Chip Cookies
• Frosted Cutout Sugar Cookies
• …

Passionate cooks like us are trying our best to give you the greatest cookie recipes.
Cookie Land is not just an open tool for you to turn on and then turn off. In fact, it is expected to be a loyal companion on the way of conquering cooking tops. Not only does it bring us great experiences but it also simplifies cooking recipes. Don’t hesitate, let’s explore right now!

TheCookingMAP - Way to Touch Treasure of Cooking

Key features

  • Eat today?: You are wondering how to cook a cookie today. Cookie Land will suggest the best recipes to you.
  • Smart Cooking: It is easy to adjust ingredients to match the number of people in a specific meal. In addition, you can also record important notes in the cooking process thanks to the "Note" section.
  • {Special} Follow: You are a fan of Bar Cookies Recipes, Brownies Recipes, or you just want to learn some kinds of cookie, you can turn on “Follow” feature to keep track of the most-focused topics. As soon as there is a new recipe, you will receive a notification so that you will not miss any delicious recipes. Especially, your home screen is also personalized based on the theme you follow.
  • Favorite: The "Favorite" feature will help you save your favorite cookie recipes. This list is synchronized and can be seen on any devices.
  • {Special} Shopping List: Instead of wasting time to take paper notes, you can manage your shopping list easily on your phones. Moreover, we will help you find the best branded products and suggestions according to your shopping list as well as the mentioned ingredients just by a few clicks.
  • {Special} Search: Are you looking for a formula? This work is now like a piece of cake thanks to some options such as searching by list ingredient, time, categories and so on. Also, you can freely mix your favorite selections to meet your own expectation.
  • Ultimate cookie recipes: You will start with 365 cookie recipes available, then new recipes will be updated daily, free and lifetime.
  • More: With the desire to bring users the best experience, our team is working day and night to update many new features. Thus, we always hope to liven up your cooking passion.