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About CPS Workout Clock

A timer that counts down the amount of time left in each section of your workout, using sounds to let you know when you’ve finished each section. In the seconds box, enter the number of seconds you want each exercise to last. In the cycles box, enter the number of exercises your going to do & in the interval box enter the number of seconds you need between each exercise to get set up. For example if you want to do 6 exercises, each lasting for 30 seconds with a 5 second gap between each exercise, you would enter 30 in the seconds box, 6 in the cycles box & 5 in the interval box. A sound will play at the start & end of each section & also at the very end of the workout. You can also have a sound play on each second of the last 10 seconds of each section so you know when your almost done for that exercise. The sounds you hear can be changed in the settings menu.

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