Sensory Crates

Sensory Crates

Sensory Crates
Sensory Crates
Sensory Crates
Sensory Crates
Sensory Crates

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About Sensory Crates

Crates is a fun activity for early learners and others who may struggle with more complex games. It is a full switch accessible resource, and you try to stack as many crates, as high as you can, within the time limit.

Crates remembers your last score. There is a practice mode and then 3 timed modes, with a smaller and shrinking stacking platform for each mode.

You can use a wide range of access switches and also the Microsoft Adaptive Controller/XBox controller. Crates also responds to screen tap, mouse pointer device as well as external keyboard control (space, enter, 1, 2)

Sensory Crates contains no adverts, does not require a subscription and does not collect data.

Key features

  • Fun activity stacking crates
  • time limit and scoring
  • fully switch accessible
  • keyboard control
  • Microsoft Adaptive Game controller switch support
  • Early Learner and simple game