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About Crucidrac

Crucidrac is a spelling vocabulary App, made up of one hundred crossword puzzles, whose difficulty index is increasing.

It aims to promote the correct phonetic and orthographic discrimination between those phonemes that, for one reason or another, tend to get confused in the learning process of reading and writing. mostly in the classroom. All levels are pictographic, that is, given the image we must write the name.

As we advance in the levels, we add a new phoneme and we pay special attention to those that may present a greater degree of difficulty and/or confusion, either at the orthographic and/or phonetic level, emphasizing their correct discrimination, which allows us to the student gradually relates the new concepts to be learned with those he has already learned, thus making his learning meaningful.

As a totally innovative element, we have introduced the use of stress in our vocabulary, whose purpose is none other than to offer the educator the possibility of working on the distinction between unstressed and stressed syllables in the word sequence, as well as their classification based on the position they occupy. That is why in our crossword puzzles the crossing of words has been carried out taking this aspect into account.

We believe that this material, as a whole, can be a useful tool for both teachers, using it as support material in the ordinary classroom, as well as for speech therapists, psychologists and pedagogues involved in re-educational tasks with students who have special needs. special education (SEN).


Initially, Crucidrac was designed for school-age children already beginning to read and write and for those with SEN, such as the hearing impaired, for whom visual support is considered fundamental. In our experience testing children, we observed that the most The elderly in the house showed a lot of interest in the APP, mainly those who are beginning to have memory problems and loss of some of their cognitive abilities, and it can become an alternative entertainment to television. For all these reasons, we believe that Crucidrac is advisable for any age group age from 6 years.

Key features

  • App educativa con divertidos crucigramas para el aprendizaje de los más pequeños.