Enter your password and any text you want to encrypt.  It can be a single word, a single line of text, or whole pages of text.  Then easily copy it or share it with another application such as a messenger, email, or OneNote.
Type in your password, paste in your encrypted text, and then decrypt it.

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About Cryptographer

Here is your own personal cryptographer. Store all of your passwords and account numbers anywhere safely by using Cryptographer to encrypt them using one master password. Or, use Cryptographer to encrypt your messages such as when you are communicating with your athletic equipment manager about the status of the footballs. Simply enter a password, the text you wish to encrypt, and press “Encrypt”. Then share the encrypted text or copy & paste it anywhere you want. Decryption is just as easy.

An ideal use for Cryptographer is to create multiple, random passwords that are difficult to guess or remember and use Cryptographer to encrypt each one using one password that you can remember. Then store the encrypted passwords in a common area that can be accessed by any of your devices (PC, phone, tablet, etc.) such as OneNote or a file on the cloud. With this arrangement, you’ll be able to securely access your passwords from anywhere and you’ll never have to worry about changing your password in many places because one website was compromised.

Cryptographer uses an advanced encryption algorithm so your text is consistently and effectively secured.

Key features

  • Encryption
  • Cryptography