Cultural Foods Safety

Cultural Foods Safety

Cultural Foods Safety
Cultural Foods Safety
Cultural Foods Safety
Cultural Foods Safety
Cultural Foods Safety

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About Cultural Foods Safety

Every region is known for its own types of foods. The Cultural Foods Safety Considerations app can help inspectors identify foods and processes that are found at various ethnic establishments. The app has searchable information on food safety issues and control measures associated with specific culturally-based foods. It is organized by ethnic food categories and processes (e.g., salting, pickling, and fermentation) that are frequently used to produce cultural foods. Food can be found through searching the following categories: Foods by Region of the World; Faith Based Foods; Type of Process Used; and, Regulatory Guidance.
With Cultural Foods Safety Considerations you will be able to search for foods by:
Region of the world
• Africa
• Asia
• Caribbean
• Europe
• Hispanic
• India
• Mediterranean
• Middle East
• South America
• The United States of America
Type of Process
• Acidification
• Additives
• Curing
• Drying
• Fermentation
• Freezing for Parasite Destruction
• Live Animal/Slaughter
• Pickling
• Salting
• Smoking
• Spouting
• Use of High Alkalinity
• Cooking Methods
o Hibachi
o Tandoori
o Rotisserie for Formed Roast
• Cooling Methods
There are also links to various regulatory guidance sites and agencies.
The information is intended as useful information to assist with inspections. It should not replace the interview/risk-based inspection. Foods can vary greatly from establishment to establishment and may not follow the definition/guidance/critical measures provided in this app.

Key features

  • Foods by Region of the World