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About Cute Wallpapers

Cute wallpapers will set the perfect cheerful mood for you every day!

These sweet wallpapers feature soft, pretty prints that will make you feel warm and fuzzy inside! Full of fun prints and pastel colors, these wallpapers are simple and relaxing. From classic polka dots and watercolor stripes to hearts and flowers, these wallpapers are innocent and fun! You’ll find bright white daisies basking in a sunny morning, and ripe red strawberries singing out to be picked on a summer afternoon.

If simple and pretty is your style, these backgrounds are perfect for you! Who needs a complicated background with words or photos? You wallpaper is meant to be a subtle design that makes it pleasant to look at your phone or tablet. With these designs, there is no need to read any text or strain to see your apps against a busy, strong background. These wallpapers are soft and simple! With light pink, blue, yellow and rainbow colors, these subtle designs with fill your life with grace and elegance. Let your device sparkle and shine with adorable cuteness today!

Cute backgrounds are perfect for teens who love sweet adorable patterns, but adults will love them too! These wallpapers are timeless, allowing them to be enjoyed by all ages! Enjoy these sweet gems today!

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