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D&D Board Online
D&D Board Online
D&D Board Online

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About D&D Board Online

D&D Board Online is an extended version of the D&D Board app, allowing dungeon masters to share their board and monsters with the players. This app USES IN-APP PURCHASES to charge online play on a per-hour basis (0.99$ per two hours). If you want to play locally, then you should get the D&D Board which is a one-time purchase. D&D Board Online is meant to be used for cross-country or across-the-world play.

D&D Board for Dungeons and Dragons tabletop game is a tool that can help you manage encounters, initiative order, character HP and position on the battlefield. D&D Board Online, like D&D Board, aims to replace the manual board and allow the dungeon master to include players across country or across the world.

The app is fully compatible with the D&D Monster Manual and allows adding monsters from the Monster Manual with correct monster statistics. You can place creatures of many sizes on this rectangular board.

This app is an extension of the functionality provided within the D&D Board app, with the added ability to connect across the Internet. Random board generation is not included in this app.

D&D Board Online is formatted in the same style as the D&D official resources and can be used with both the Light and Dark Windows themes.

Key features

  • Manage encounters with HP, initiative, and monster statistics
  • Share the board over the Internet with your players
  • Add monsters to the table and connect to the D&D Monster Manual