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D&D World Builder

D&D World Builder
D&D World Builder
D&D World Builder
D&D World Builder
D&D World Builder
D&D World Builder
D&D World Builder
D&D World Builder

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About D&D World Builder

Create and track campaigns, sessions, maps, characters and locations in your games. Draw huge maps with your own custom map layers, icons and images. Use pen and ink to draw on the maps. Track timelines and sessions. Export maps with object filtering.

D&D World Builder supports the same programming language as D&D Player Character Sheet app, so you can load your player characters and export maps for the players based on their stats. Use the code to limit which items will be shown to players, based on their abilities and skills. You can create huge maps and zoom to the level of a 5ft square grid.

Write session notes, timeline events, object information and create associations between objects using searchable object hierarchy.

Create your own table generators and use them to generate treasure, NPC characteristics, magic items and whatever you need for your game.

Key features

  • Campaign and session management
  • Timeline and game object management
  • Character management and interoperability with the D&D Player Character Sheet
  • Maps, planes and location management with optimized memory and storage usage and built in tiles and icons
  • Pen and ink support
  • Custom item table generators