damichab Home Budget

damichab Home Budget

damichab Home Budget
damichab Home Budget
damichab Home Budget
damichab Home Budget
damichab Home Budget
damichab Home Budget
damichab Home Budget
damichab Home Budget

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About damichab Home Budget


Still putting money into separate piles for each bill, hoping there will be enough when the time comes to pay it? Grouping items to see which one expense has the biggest percentage over the others… well it’s time to move on.

More than just a budget program, damichab Home Budget is also a forward planner, allowing you to predict your financial position 30 years into the future (based current averages).


Easy to use… setup ‘Accounts’ that mimic either bank accounts or cash on hand, create recurring incomes, expenses & transfers, examine the forecast and add one-offs wherever you like.


When bill arrives, the assigned recurring amount can be overridden with an exact amount. Want to pay on a different day or from different account? Easy… just adjust that instance and the totals automatically re-tally. All overridden amounts highlighted for easy reference. The simple interface belies the hidden complexity of the underlying code.


When using damichab Home Budget, you can answer such questions as:

— I have a low pay week coming up, how is that going to affect the payment of the power bill due in two weeks?

— I have just had a small windfall. How much of that money do I need to put aside for upcoming expenses and how much of that money can I treat my family with?

— I want to buy that new dress/power tool currently on special. Which expenses do I shuffle so I can get it without defaulting on my other bills?

— If I pay extra into my personal loan, how much quicker will I be able to pay it off?

— Can I afford to take out a new loan?

— What will my financial outlook look like by the time I go on holidays? When should I book my holidays?

— What expenses are due this week/month?

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Take the worry out of budgeting and take control of your finances like never before by using damichab Home Budget.

Try out the unrestricted, advert free, 30 day free trial now!

Key features

  • ** Currency symbol based on computer settings/location. **
  • Equity columns that tally all account columns.
  • Option to hide account columns.
  • Individual instances of recurring transactions can be overridden, ignored, moved.
  • Balances always auto-update upon changes.
  • Highlight date with various colours as a personal marker.
  • Manual updates highlighted.
  • Transaction tags double clickable to edit.
  • Add as many one off transactions to each day as you like.
  • Open multiple files simultaneously.
  • Transactions can use start/end dates.
  • 25 to 12,000 day projection (that is 32.8 years, enough for any home loan).
  • *** Does not access, or need access to, your bank accounts. ***
  • Self contained program (does not need a spreadsheet, database or any other program).
  • No limit to ‘Accounts’.
  • No limit on transactions (expenses, incomes, transfers).
  • Transactions can be ordered in Transaction form by clicking headings.
  • Daily account running totals.