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About Dance Moove

This software allow the user to create a real user interactivity experience to animate your home.
Create a dancefloor ambiance with movement detection, the concept is revolutionnary !
The application detect any movement and play music with your interaction.
Record your fun experience with MP4 format or take photographies of your experience for your friends and family.
You can select different Sound effects, initialize the movement detection sensibility.
Try this application for a real good user experience !
No require a complex hardware, just need a webcam, microphone and sound card in your computer for an amazing experience.
You will be able to have fun with your family and friends with this app !
For any remarks or support, send a message at [email protected]
In addition, GenuiSoft undertakes to donate 10% of the sales of its software to a partner association.

Key features

  • Movement detection
  • Music interactivity
  • Record video MP4
  • Take photographies
  • Selection of sound effects
  • Selection of detection sensiblity