nsquared dashboard

nsquared dashboard

Aquarium theme with clock
Las Vegas daytime scene
Carousel view, upload your own files to display in rotation in the background
San Francisco scene at night
Running on a Surface Hub2
City Scape theme with weather and stocks
Sydney sky line at night with moon
Dubai daytime scene

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About nsquared dashboard

A fantastic way to get value from your big screens when they are not being used. The nsquared dashboard allows you to combine interactive scenes with glancable information, include the time, weather, and stock prices. Ideal for touch screens like the Surface Hub.
Weather reflected on the screen in the scene.
Time of day reflected in the scene.
Scenes for Boston, Dubai, Las Vegas, Melbourne, San Francisco, Singapore, and Sydney.
Customize the content of the screens through a web page.
Manage multiple screens from the same web interface.

Key features

  • Beautiful, interactive animated backgrounds
  • 7 city scenes with time of day
  • Upload your own content into an interactive carousel
  • Display stock data
  • Interactive stocky notes for pen based screens
  • Web portal for content control