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About DataMesh One

DataMesh One is a fast 3D content AR presentation and remote collaboration application based on the DataMesh digital twin platform. With zero-code drag-and-drop 3D design and spatial data binding through DataMesh Studio (PC/Mac/iPad), users can quickly define digital twin entity mapping scenes, produce 3D product flow guidance, and publish BIM construction processes. Digital twin scenes can be published to DataMesh One in one click. DataMesh One also supports multi-person remote XR interaction and AIoT data connectivity, allowing data-assisted users to complete tasks quickly.

Based on the DataMesh Digital Twin platform, DataMesh One provides enterprise-grade security and authentication, high-speed cloud data processing and resource management, high concurrent synchronization operation capability. DataMesh One supports Microsoft HoloLens 2, iPhone/iPad, Android phones, and AR glasses to create a new working method based on digital twin for enterprises.

Remote collaboration: Large scale multi-user mixed reality remote collaboration with cross-device support. Optimized network stack to support real-time 3D content collaboration, reducing ineffective communication;
Teaching and training: Fast 3D content and courseware editing, zero code required, entry-level user-friendly, reducing training TCO;
Layout planning: 1: 1 scene restoration, factory manufacturing line planning, public space design, and support for BIM integration;
After-sales support: the combination of virtual and real product operation steps to improve the after-sales service experience, reduce costs, increase efficiency;

Key features

  • Zore code guide authoring
  • Low-cost content import
  • Display augmented reality contents
  • Cloud resource management
  • Enterprise-level identity and security