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DeluxeNote S
DeluxeNote S
DeluxeNote S
DeluxeNote S
DeluxeNote S
DeluxeNote S
DeluxeNote S
DeluxeNote S

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About DeluxeNote S

Try now this amazing notation software. Its zoom-driven workflow and its desktop-like workspace will make a difference. With DeluxeNote you can: create and edit sheet music in a visual and intuitive way; listen to it played with different instruments; use a virtual piano, the keyboard or a MIDI device; export to PDF, PNG, MusicXML and MIDI formats; import MIDI and MusicXML files; discover surprising tools like the “Parallax Score”, and much more!

Unlike most scorewriters on the market, which use a word processor-like approach, DeluxeNote adopts concepts from CAD allowing you to sketch your ideas out of the page layout and spread sheet music on an unlimited workspace.

DeluxeNote offers a nice user experience, it’s easy to use, powerful and reliable, and works fast even on old and low-end computers. It is therefore ideal for those looking to painlessly benefit from computer-aided notation.

This free trial doesn’t expire and is fully featured but for save is limited to up to 40 measures.

Key features

  • Smart Automatic Layout: Work on the music and let DeluxeNote do the rest
  • Advanced edition: Infinite Undo/Redo, Copy-Paste notes and the underlying staff, Drag Elements...
  • Virtual Piano to insert notes or just to play
  • Score Player: Listen DeluxeNote performing your sheet music, while you keep working on it!
  • Print to PDF/PNG or directly to printer
  • Import and Export MusicXML from and to other programs
  • MIDI files: Convert them to sheet music or get MIDI recordings from your scores
  • MIDI input: Use your MIDI device to write music
  • Innovative user experience: Zoom-driven workflow, desktop-like workspace, context-sensitive UI...
  • Experimental tools looking to explore new ways of combining music and graphics
  • Automatic Tablatures and Lyrics