Deo Gratias

Deo Gratias

Lockscreen displayed for devotion of the month when no feast falls on this day.
View in the app of the monthly devotion
View for the feast of St Thomas Aquinas
Can change the set date in the app to explore images for other days
Can update desktop wallpaper as well
Can see the name of the feast for the specified date in the app

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About Deo Gratias

Get in sync with the cycle of the saints. The Deo Gratias app allows you to follow the liturgical calendar and connect with beautiful and ancient Christian art from throughout the ages.

It automatically updates your lockscreen or wallpaper to help draw you into the life of the church and rediscover the beauty of God’s love as expressed through the ages by the many saints of the Church.

Key features

  • Changes wallpaper automatically to the saint of the day
  • Uses medieval technique of computus to calculate movable feasts such as Easter
  • Can be enabled to run on start up so wallpaper or lockscreen changes each new day you turn on your PC
  • Can explore future and past images in the app
  • Can use button in app to set wallpaper or lockscreen image for today or other dates in one simple click.