Diurna - Feed Reader

Diurna - Feed Reader

Diurna - Feed Reader
Diurna - Feed Reader
Diurna - Feed Reader
Diurna - Feed Reader
Diurna - Feed Reader

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About Diurna - Feed Reader

Diurna is a beautifully designed and innovative news reader, Feedly Reader, and RSS feed browser rolled into one. When you launch the App, you are presented with a list of the top feed sites organized in categories in the left panel. The categories range from news to business to entertainment to health, science and technology among others. You can also connect your Feedly account to import all your favorite categories and sites.

You can easily search for a news site by using the search field in the left panel or by using the write-to-search or voice-to-search feature.

Tap on your chosen site to display the latest feeds from that site in a beautiful structured list with images, title, and details. Then tap on any of the news feed items of interest to launch the webpage in the integrated full-featured browser. You can then ask the App to read the article content to you using the text-to-speech feature.

You can save your favorite sites to the Favorite category and export your favorites as an XML file. You can also import your own custom OPML files from another website or App and bring them over into Diurna. You can also easily customize the appearance of the Feeds and pin or unpin the panels to make the App work for you just the way you like.

Key features

  • RSS Feed reader
  • Feedly account support
  • Customizable modern feed view with text and images
  • Integrated full-featured web browser
  • Import and export your favorite sites
  • Text-to-Speech to read your articles
  • Write-to-Search to use your pen to search the sites
  • Voice-to-search to use your voice to search the sites