Dividend Visualizer

Dividend Visualizer

This shows a plot comparing dividend stock growth over time using different growth forecasting models
This shows stocks in your portfolio, showing the forecasted dividend growth for each position over 10 years
One of the other views where you can see how much of a percentage in total dividends each stock contributes
This is all you need to do to define a Stock in the application

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About Dividend Visualizer

Are you a dividend investor? Whether you are retired now, or positioning your portfolio for dividend income in the future, this is a great tool for you to visualize your potential dividend income. Here are some of the things it allows you to:

  • Visualize your portfolio’s dividend income in the future
  • Compare potential replacement potential stocks when you sell a dividend stock; you can graphically see whether they will replace the dividend income lost when you sell an investment, and if so, how long it takes
  • How much dividend income each and every stock in your portfolio contributes to the portfolio’s overall income; this allows you to monitor diversification of your dividend income stream
  • Forecast dividend growth using a constant growth rate and other non-constant models

No ads. No additional charges. All future enhancements and upgrades will be free.

Built using .NET, so it’s compact and supported by Microsoft Windows.

NOTE: This application does NOT download stock data from the internet. You have to define stock attributes manually. Don’t worry, each stock requires only a small amount of info - stock symbol, price, dividend payout, and dividend growth assumptions - that’s it.

Key features

  • Dividend Calculator
  • Dividend Forecasting
  • Dividend Compare
  • Dividend Charting
  • Dividend
  • Dividend Investing
  • Dividend Comparer