Delight Media Player +

Delight Media Player +

Delight Media Player +
Delight Media Player +
Delight Media Player +
Delight Media Player +
Delight Media Player +
Delight Media Player +
Delight Media Player +
Delight Media Player +
Delight Media Player +

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About Delight Media Player +

Delight MediaPlayer + is an innovative player which includes unique & exciting features, such as Picture in Picture (Pip), cast to Chromecast and DLNA, record media content, download to local storage, play directly from OneDrive & UPNP media servers and popular online sources (such as Vimeo, SoundCloud, SHOUTcast, Hearthis) and many more…

With Delight MediaPlayer + you will enjoy your favorite media content on your PC, Tablet, Mobile and also on your big screens.

Picture in Picture (Pip)

With Pip you have endless possibilities, you can watch two live streams at the same time, or you can watch a movie while casting another one to your kid’s TV. Imagine what you can do when you can play, cast and record multiple media content at the same time.


With Delight MediaPlayer +, casting is never been easier. You can cast any media to any DLNA or Chromecast device. It doesn’t matter whether your device supports the content or not. It doesn’t matter whether you want to cast online stream or locally stored media content. Delight MediaPlayer + will cast any media to any device even if the device doesn’t support it (for example, Chromecast doesn’t support .FLV files, with Delight MediaPlayer + you can now cast .FLV and other files to Chromecast devices)

In addition, if you have a slow network connection, or your media content was encoded with a high bit rate which is not suitable for casting, Delight MediaPlayer + can generate a ready to cast copy which is suitable for casting and smooth playing.


In addition to loading local subtitles, Delight MediaPlayer + can automatically search and download subtitles for you. You can also configure the appearance of the subtitles. In addition, time correction feature will allow you to adjust subtitle times.

Recordings & Downloads

With a single tap, you can start and stop recording easily. You can record live and online streams to your device at any time. Even if you are using Pip, you can record each player separately.

In addition, you can download full content from online sources

Media Sources

Delight MediaPlayer + supports several media sources, you can create playlists from local files, OneDrive content, network media servers and also from popular online sources such as Vimeo, SoundCloud and SHOUTcast

Audio/Video Codecs

Delight MediaPlayer + supports all known video/audio codecs. You don’t have to install any external codecs. If you try to play dvd, .rm or .flv or any other format that is not supported in Windows 10, then Delight MediaPlayer + is what you are looking for.

Key features

  • Plays all known video and audio codecs/formats
  • Picture in picture (Pip) with support for several display layouts
  • Allows Casting to Chromecast and DLNA devices
  • Supports casting in slow networks and casting video streams encoded with high bitrate
  • Supports casting same content to any number of connected TVs or big screens
  • Records and download media content to local storage
  • Allows Playing, casting and recording of multiple media content at the same time
  • Automatic search and download for subtitles
  • Adjusts subtitle display options and supports time adjustment
  • Plays content from OneDrive and Media Servers directly without the need to download
  • Supports video/audio track selection in media with multi tracks
  • Supports video rotation, mirroring and full screen
  • Create and organize playlists from several media sources (local files, OneDrive, media servers and from online sources such as Vimeo, SoundCloud and SHOUTcast)
  • Remember last position played and resume from that position
  • Search, Browse, Play, record and Download from Online media sources (YouTube, Twitch, Vimeo, SoundCloud, Dailymotion, SHOUTcast, Hearthis)
  • Drag and drop & open from file explorer and secure startup (login with password)