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About DocZins App

DocZins® is a 100% competence-financial calculator.

DocZins® offers unique additional functions: calculation of dynamic savings plans. Calculating or specifying the amount of amortization on loans. Calculate the amount of interest. Three-level cash flow calculations.

Important: The History. The user can show the history and control herewith the input. Calculations can be saved and sent as pdf. DocZins® ist possible to use as an app and an online version. Who uses both versions, can always and at any time provide superior and professionell financial expertise. Savings plans, calculations for pension and pensions, loans, leasing, income plans.

DocZins® is good for acquisition and advising / consultation. The history is very supportive. Tip: Calculate. call history. Screenshot. And then send the photo. In a mail or whatsup or similar.

DocZins® is the universal financial calculator and offers the combination of unique features. Especially valuable the videos. About 60 free videos are available when using the online version. Free sales training. Free Advisor Training. With DocZins® you solve effortlessly and easily even complicated questions. With DocZins® you can answer in a few seconds all customer questions on the subject of inflation and something similar. Or just check a financial product. Save your professional result in one pdf and send the pdf to your customer.

DocZins® is the perfect instrument for webinars. And there is (to buy) a comprehensive manual with over 540 pages Financial Capability. DocZins® is perfect for the online counseling. Or for simple modern sales structure. DocZins® is the perfect complement for any advice philosophy. DocZins® complements your existing consulting strategy.

With DocZins® you are significant more a competent financial partner for your clients.

Tipp: There is the Dr. Bernd W. Klöckner sales, communications and calculating training to DocZins®. The original. For more than 20 years. Contact: [email protected].

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