Droom Calendar

Droom Calendar

Find out more about Droom and Droom Calendar at https://droom.in
Enable Droom Calendar to allow your desktop wallpaper to be automatically updated when you login on Windows.
Droom Calendar wallpapers can be toggled on/off through the simple app interface. The app interface can be launched from the Start Menu or from the System Tray icon.
Find out more about Droom and Droom Calendar at https://droom.in

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About Droom Calendar

Decorate your desktop with HD calendar-themed wallpapers from Droom - India’s Most Trusted Motorplace!
The Droom Calendar app enhances your desktop with high-quality wallpapers featuring sports cars and bikes with elegant models. New HD wallpapers will be updated and set on your desktop on a daily basis, and display the calendar date and/or days of the month.
How to use this app:

  1. Install Droom Calendar.
  2. Launch Droom Calendar app and click the ‘Enable Wallpapers’. When prompted, grant permissions for Droom Calendar to launch on startup.
  3. Once enabled, Droom Calendar will automatically keep your desktop wallpaper updated.

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Droom - India’s Most Trusted Motorplace:

Key features

  • Wallpapers are changed automatically on regular basis.
  • Featuring the most legendary vintage cars along with glamorous models.
  • Wallpapers are Calendar themed, displaying the date and/or days of the week.
  • Simple app user interface to enable/disable wallpaper updates.
  • Requires startup permission to keep your wallpaper updated on login.
  • No registration or in-app purchases.