e2i Demo 1.0

e2i Demo 1.0

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About e2i Demo 1.0

How do you know, you are better than the best? How to become better and how to improve to be the best?

At e2i we have designed the complete course in a manner which tracks you learning pattern, checks your weak areas and presents revision points automatically. The AI behind is continuously able to track your capability level and compares with global data. The AI than suggests you and present to you the areas which need to be revised again. You can easily set your goal and then track your performance, find gap and also suggest methods to reduce the gap and reach your target faster.

e-books to interactive books. “e2i” is very different from traditional books and from current animated video formats of teaching. It is interactive like a game, immersive and user controlled. A teacher can use it for online and classroom studies whereas a student can use it for learning by discovery.

Multi sensory teaching mode

->Learn trough more than one sense. Visual, Auditory and Tactile

Out of Band Management

Contents once downloaded can work without internet and updates happens as soon as internet is available.

Key features

  • This product have the extra ordinary features like 3 Dimensional like zoom, rotate, pan and Animation etc.