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About Easy Checkbook

Easy Checkbook is an application that will certainly give you a sense of your monetary transactions. It is intended to help you monitor your expenditure and thus help prevent your checks from bouncing, stick to your budget, avoid late payment fees, and detect inconsistencies from your bank. It also provides a Budgeting feature where you can use to setup one or more Budgets to compare against your actual expenditure and income.

The data import features allow you to consolidate your setups and transactions from various sources (i.e. Easy Checkbook databases) thus providing you an environment where you can have various devices using Easy Checkbook and have an easy and safe way of importing data between each other.

Key features

  • Accounts – Create as many accounts as required to record various types of expenses or incomes such as Checking Account, Savings Account, Renovation, Wedding Celebration, Travel, etc.
  • Account Entries – Record expenses and incomes with real-time display on the page. Color-coded Status is used to highlight the entries with various filtering to analyse the records.
  • Budget – Create as many budgets as required to compare against expenditure and income. Each Budget can either be Fixed (between two dates) or Recurrent (daily, weekly, monthly or yearly).
  • Accounts Summary – Summarizes the Accounts balances including Starting Balance and Balance To Date.
  • Bar Chart – Chart By Entry Types (for one Account), Chart By Months (for one or multiple Accounts) and Chart By Accounts (for multiple Accounts).
  • Save As Excel XML – Save records (data) in a Microsoft Excel XML file. Once saved, you can use Microsoft Excel software to print, edit or save in other formats such as PDF.
  • Load Data – Instead of entering data through the pages, you can load one or more records through a TAB delimited text file. Formats expected and examples are shown in Help pages.
  • Quick Start Manual & Help Page – Helps you use the application effectively.
  • Personalize Colors & Symbols – Colors for Pages and Controls can be set to individual liking. Most setup records can be assigned pictures or symbols with different colors for easy recognition.
  • Unlimited Transactions – There is no limit to the number of transactions to record in any given time period.
  • Unlimited Databases – Create as many databases as required to separate data such as for business use, personal use, project use, etc. Database knowledge is not required.
  • Database Backup & Restore – Databases can be saved into another folder (e.g. OneDrive), thumb drive, external hard disk, etc. This will allow easy transferring/copying of databases between devices.
  • Data Setup Import – Setups from other databases can be imported to the current database.
  • Account Entries Import – Account Entries from other databases can be imported to the current database thus allowing consolidation of transactions from various devices.
  • Release Notes – In each release, the Release Notes (accessed from the Main Page) will be updated to document the enhancements, fixes and changes. Help pages will also be updated if required.