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ECG Rhythms Quiz


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About ECG Rhythms Quiz

'Anesoft ‘ECG Quiz’ is the second of a series of apps from Anesoft Corporation designed to improve your resuscitation skills. This app will allow you to test your ability to identify electrocardiogram rhythms. It will reinforce the organized, four step approach to identification of electrocardiogram rhythms emphasized in the app Anesoft ‘Ecg Tutor’. It will improve your
clinical skills more than reviewing with a book because the waveforms sweep realistically across the screen as on a real monitor.

There are about 80 different electrocardiograms included in this app. The rhythms include sinus, atrial fibrillation, atrial
flutter, atrial tachycardias, first, second (type I and type II) and third degree AV blocks, junctional and ventricular rhythms.

The app starts with a random ECG rhythm wave form. Try to identify the rhythm without reading the Criteria or Descrption. Read these after you have made your selection.

When you feel you have mastered the rhythms in this program you should rehearse megacode management using the app Anesoft ‘ACLS Sim 2012’.

Key features

  • Self-assessment app
  • Improve your identification of ECG rhythms
  • Includes all rhythms in AHA ACLS course