ellipticSecure Device Manager

ellipticSecure Device Manager

HSM Device Information
2FA Key Enrollment
2FA TOTP Pin dialog
Configure the eHSM
Generating an Elliptic Curve Key Pair
HSM Object browser
Generating a CSR from an HSM Generated private key
Importing a certificate
Configure an external PKCS#11 library and setup a networked eHSM
Setting and changing a PIN for the security key.
Reset PIN and remove account registrations.

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About ellipticSecure Device Manager

Easily manage your Hardware Security Module, PKCS#11 token or FIDO2 Security Key with the ellipticSecure Device Manager.

Instead of just signing PDFs or e-mails with the PKCSS#11 module, you can now sign any type of files with keys stored securely on the HSM using the ellipticSecure Device Manager. Also verify any CMS PKCS#7 compliant signature.

The Device Manager is designed for ellipticSecure products such as the eHSM and MIRkey, but also supports compliant hardware from other manufacturers.

Getting tired of typing 2FA PINs generated on your mobile device? We were - so we added HSM based second factor authentication that is more secure than a software based authenticator and easy to use - just copy and paste the generated TOTP PIN from the Device Manager to authenticate with Microsoft, Google, LastPass and Facebook accounts or any 2FA based service.

No more fiddling around on the command-line to generate keys, certificates or configure your HSM - our user friendly GUI application will get you up and running in no time.

Key features

  • Initialize an HSM
  • Request x509 certificates
  • Backup and Restore
  • Create keys
  • Configure and customize
  • Firmware updates
  • Import certificates
  • Import private keys
  • Create certificate signing request (CSR)
  • Browse objects on the HSM with the object browser
  • Hardware 2 Factor Authenticator
  • Manage a FIDO2 Security Key
  • Digitally sign files