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Emjysoft Anti-Spam

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About Emjysoft Anti-Spam

This anti-spam is based on sender authentication

How does it work?

When an unknown sender writes to you for the first time, Emjysoft Anti-Spam will send him an e-mail asking him to authenticate himself.

After successful authentication, you will receive their emails directly. The sender authenticates himself directly by e-mail without going through a third party server or an external website.

Since the authentication of the correspondents is done by e-mail and not via third-party services, the confidentiality of your e-mails is assured since they never leave your mailbox!

Emjysoft Anti-Spam v2023 is free in its basic version. However, it is limited to 3 mailboxes and 20 whitelisted emails. The premium version has no limit!

Administrator rights required for installation

Key features

  • Anti-Spam based on sender authentication
  • The confidentiality of your e-mails is really assured
  • Several authentication modes (captcha...)
  • White list and black list
  • Filtering rules