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English Word Fill
English Word Fill
English Word Fill
English Word Fill
English Word Fill

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About English Word Fill

You can learn English sentence using this application. It also helps you for English grammar learning.

You need to fill the words in to appropriate sentence. Once you fill the correct word it will show correct mark and once all sentences are completed it will move to next level.

We have added 8 different classes with easy to hard level. There are 10,000 sentences are included. It also helps you to learn fill in the blanks. You learn how to use word grammatically in sentence.

Sentence making helps you in your daily activities. You will improve your English using this application.

You just need to do practice of this fill the blanks in sentence on daily basis to improve your English vocabulary and word knowledge.

All the sentences are fee to play and you will love to play with it. Application is designed with simple way so you can enjoy it.

English plays very important role in student life and this application will help them to improve their English spelling knowledge.

It helps to improve your grammar skills. Each worksheet contains 5 questions to complete. Fill the blanks with correct option.

To complete the sentence, you need to drag the correct word on its matching sentence. Once you match the spelling with its sentence it will show as completed sentence and do the same for other sentences too.

This is very easy spelling learning activity. Anyone can learn spellings and sentences making using this application. After using this application, you will be able to find out grammar mistakes from the sentences. We have included long as well as short sentences.

Key features

  • - 10,000 English sentences to learn
  • - Wrong and incorrect marking.
  • - Easy to hard level sentences to learn.
  • - It helps you in English sentence making.