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About ESET Internet Security


Ideal for modern users concerned about their privacy, who actively use internet for shopping, banking, work and communication.

Delivers rock-solid, multilayered protection for modern users, built on ESET’s trademark balance of detection, speed and usability. Along with being protected by ESET’s award-winning antivirus, antispyware and firewall, you can secure your webcam and check the security of your home router and connected smart devices. Shop online more safely using ESET’s special secure browser window and get a personal monthly Security Report. Advanced Machine Learning improves malware detection, while the ESET HOME web portal and mobile app provide comprehensive oversight of your ESET products, licenses and services.

Secures Windows, macOS and Android devices. Features may vary by product. Additional information and system requirements can be found on

About ESET:
30+ years of award-winning technology
110,000,000+ Protected users worldwide
300,000+ Unique new malware samples detected daily
600+ Research and development experts
400,000+ Business customers in 200+ countries and territories

Key features

  • Banking & Payment Protection - Shop and bank online safely via a secure browser.
  • Firewall, Network Inspector and more - Protect access to your data, network and webcam
  • Intel® Threat Detection Technology (subject to hardware requirements) - Exposes ransomware as it attempts to avoid detection in memory.
  • Parental Control - Safeguard your kids online and monitor their activities.
  • Anti-phishing - Secure your data and money against digital fraud.
  • No slowdowns - Enjoy the full power of your computer without interruptions.
  • Multilayered proactive protection - Explore the great online, safe from all types of malware threats.