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About ExplorOz Tracker

ExplorOz Tracker is a free App that enables device tracking of ExplorOz Members. There are two components of the Tracker service:-

  1. Tracker & Viewer: If you log into the app with a Member account, you can enable track logging of your own device, as well as view tracking from other devices (your own, or other Member’s).

  2. Viewer only: If tracking is not required for yourself but you’d like to view a friend or family member’s tracking then you can do so via this app without needing to become a Member yourself.

Once you’re logged in with a Member account, the app detects movement of your device and records GPS readings to collate “position data” as you travel. The position data is highly accurate and can be recorded in-app without a Wifi or mobile data connection.

These positions automatically sync to your account on our Server anytime your device has a Wifi or mobile data connection. The positions are displayed as a route line on a map, showing the path you have travelled. Privacy options let you decide who has access to view your map. This map will also appear in the app for your own use.

A great feature is the ability to share the link to your Tracker webpage with your selected friends/family. If they install the Tracker app, they can view your tracking on their phone/tablet, or via a web-browser.

You might also like to install Tracker onto other devices used within your family so that you can track their movements (perhaps to track your children walking to school to ensure they reach their destinations safely; or track a partner who runs or cycles; or track another family member going away on holidays). You will need to login to the app with your Member account so that you control the Settings.

Summary of app features:
• Tracks online & offline
• Syncs & updates your personal map automatically
• Uses Geofences to hide your movement in sensitive areas
• Includes Save/Edit tools
• Can view tracking from other devices in the one app
• There are no maps to download or use within this app. This is not a navigation or mapping app.

A GPS receiver is required for Tracker to record position data.

The Tracker requires a network connection (Wifi or 3/4/5G) in order to sync all stored position data to your personal Tracking map.

Tracking can be done whilst app is running in the background and screen-saver on. Do not select Battery Saver modes which might disable the GPS however.

Key features

  • GPS position tracking to map your movements both online & offline