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About Express Schedule

Express Schedule Plus is an employee scheduler and time-off management system. With Express Schedule, you can easily create schedules for your staff and roster. Quickly create recurring schedules to save yourself time and effort. After you are done editing, print or email your finished work for individual employees or your entire staff.

Express Schedule Scheduling Features:

  • Craft the perfect schedule using the intuitive drag and drop interface
  • Use text overlays for captions and other in movie text
  • Copy schedules from previous weeks to save time
  • Easily create recurring schedules to save yourself time and effort
  • Add and edit shifts of any duration by typing directly into the calendar
  • Print your roster in one click

Key features

  • Email schedules to individual employees or the entire staff
  • Ability to add all common forms of time-off, such as vacations, unavailability, maternity leave and more
  • Supports multiple shifts, breaks and leave entries for a staff member on the same day
  • Use your existing email client, such as Outlook, Thunderbird, etc. to send emails.