Fart 101:101 Fart Sounds

Fart 101:101 Fart Sounds

Play 101 unique fart sounds, tweak their pitch, and record a custom fart symphony to play back later!
Each fart bears a resemblance to its name.
Detailed descriptions accompany each of the diverse and varied fart sounds.
Adjust the pitch slider to achieve high-pitched whiny farts, or low, guttural farts.
Use the grunt button to enable a healthy pre-fart grunt!
Use the grunt slider to adjust the delay between grunting and farting. Set it to zero and totally cut loose!
The fart alarm can blast out your fart recording when friends are least expecting it!
With so many farts, you may need to search for the perfect specimen.

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About Fart 101:101 Fart Sounds

Get schooled in Fart 101, “fresh” on the curriculum at Smelling U! Learn to identify 101 types of farts with the help of your magical friend, DJ Toots. And if you have trouble waking up for class, record a custom sequence of farts and set your own custom fart alarm.

Key features

  • 101 hot and juicy fart sounds
  • Funny description of each fart
  • Record and play back sequences of sounds.
  • Use your custom recording as an alarm or timer.
  • Scare your family, friends, cats, and dogs with a well-timed alarm!
  • You can adjust the farts' pitch play healthy grunt noises before each fart.