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About find people

Create an index of all the people in your local images and videos, browse, sort, filter and manage your files.
Some use-cases:

  • journalists & photographers: quickly find pictures or videos you made years ago of a person, get a pic of him at a particular age, looking in a specific direction with the right emotion…
  • law-enforcement and investigators: automatically scan videos and images in search of specific people without having to go through the entire footage.
  • hobby & home-use: rediscover images of your loved ones, share them and find out who looks most like who.

Oh, and be amazed at all the unknown people that you’ll find in your files…

Key features

  • Search in png, jpg, mp4 and mpg files
  • View video clips that contain the person
  • delete files
  • Open files in explorer or with the default viewer
  • Sort according to detected age, emotion, direction of face or eyes
  • Find out who looks most like each other
  • ban people from getting indexed again