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Create Flashvotes that can present photos and videos in both the questions and the answers..
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About Flashvote

Flashvote is the most complete and entertaining way to capture and view group reactions from friends and followers!

First, send questions and answers with images or video directly to close groups or to your followers’ feed. Then receive direct and meaningful responses from those Flashvoters. Transform everyday group conversations into effective and fun moments with others! Flashvote – Create and share instant voting

People use Flashvote to:

  • Create simple and fun group conversations by adding images or video to questions and answers

  • Send Flashvote questions directly to groups of friends

  • Instantly receive direct and meaningful reactions from Flashvoters

  • Share Flashvotes across SMS text, WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook and more

  • Connect with Flashvoters all over the world by following users

  • Submit questions with hashtags to teams such as Real Madrid

Key features

  • Voting, sharing of content, opinion gathering