Flight Deck Weather

Flight Deck Weather

Get the latest weather for 4,000 airports
Store and group your favourite airports
Brief yourself for your next flight
Decode SNOWTAMs and Runway States
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About Flight Deck Weather

Beat the weather! This app is a valuable flight planning tool, enabling pilots quickly to check on METAR and TAF information for airports around the world.

• Quickly look up weather information for 4,000 airports and display that information in either raw or decoded format

• Build up a list of favourite airports and organise them into groups

• Get a full weather briefing for your route, including departure, destination and alternate weathers

• Create a database of regular routes that you fly, enabling you to quickly look up the weather prior to your duty

• View METAR and TAF information via the live tile

• Decode Snowtams and Runway State information

• Sync your favourites and flights across your Windows 10 devices

Careful study of the weather is an important part of flight planning for all pilots. This app makes it easy to lookup the METAR and TAF information you need, and display the data in a format that works for you. Plus this app gives you the possibility to save the airports that are important to you, whether it’s as favourites or as entire routes. Whether you’re a private or commercial pilot, let this app take care of the hard work so you can take to the sky without stress!

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Key features

  • Quickly look up METAR and TAF information for 4,000 airports
  • Customise the units your weather is displayed in
  • Save aerodromes as favourites and sort them into groups
  • Create routes, including departure, destination and alternate aerodrome informations
  • Live tile with up to date METAR and TAF information
  • Sync your setup across multiple Windows 10 devices
  • Decode Snowtams and Runway State information
  • Customise the app with your Windows theme